FAQs From Our Customers

How can I requestthe service for next day? 
It is preferablethat you contact us between 8:00 am to3:00 pm, please verifyall your vehicle information (or have the VIN number handy) and provide the correctservice address. In case you needto change the address, please call at least one hour prior to the startof your window. Our technician should call youat least 30 minutesbefore arriving. If something unforeseen happens, you will becontacted as soon as possible. 
How can I request same day services?
Our availability for that type ofservice depends on the type of vehicle that you have,the kind of glass that you are looking for and the areawhere you are located that day. Call early morning for a better chance! 

Where do I find the VIN Number?
The most commonlocations to find it are the following (locations aresubject to change depending on vehicle makes)
1.     Lower-left corner of the dashboard, infront of the steering wheel.
2.     Front of the engine block. 
3.     Front of the car frame.
4.     Rear wheel well. 
5.     Inside the driver-side door jamb. 
6.     Driver-side doorpost. 
7.     Underneath the spare tire. 

Is there a charge to cancel the service?
No, there are nocancellation fees. You can get a free quote in no time.If you need to cancel after the appointment has been booked, try to call at least one hour prior to the start of your given time frame.

What happens if I must cancel due to emergency?
It would beadvisable to contact us as soon as this happens, if youneed to schedule for another day there are no inconveniences.

What are the payment methods?
We accept payments as follows:
1- Cash
2- Checks
3- Cards (creditor debit). Payment can behandled the day of the appointment after the job getsdone, directly with the technician orover the phone. You can also pay upfront, but that’s up to the customer.

Is the deliveryservice free?
Yes, our deliveryservices are totally free.

Do you accept insurance payments?
Yes, we accept almost all insurances.

Do you have aplace where I can go to directly?
We only offer freemobile services at the time. We are already lookingfor a place to maximize the trust and agility of service with our clients.

Can I wash thevehicle after the service?
No, you must wait 24 hours to wash the vehicle.

Can I move thevehicle after the service?
You can move thevehicle where you need it after 30 minutes.

What type of guarantee do you offer?
We provide lifetime Leak & Air Warranty; we guarantee all our workmanship against leaks, wind defects, anything that could gowrong during theinstallation that is directly the fault of thetechnician.

Do you workSundays and holidays?
We are not used toworking on Sundays.On holidays we work for the most part.

What about mypersonal data?
We use yourpersonal data to be able to offer ourservices, we donot sell or share your data. In case ofviolation of oursecurity, we will notify you as soonit is detected.

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